Citizens Concerned About Things Which Concern Citizens, a Super Pac, has been established to promote political awareness and action on issues that concern us  and are worth pursuing.

Non-affiliated with any specific candidate or party, the Super Pac pursues the betterment of the country from a nonpartisan optic. We are sure that you are concerned about the same issues.


We concentrate our action on these issues

Space, climate and survival

Pollution, climate change and erosion of the human habitat has been creating a threat to our survival as a species. We believe that the space programs should be funded enough so the human race may thrive in multiple planets. Lets spend as much in destruction as in survival.

Indian River Lagoon and The Agriculture dilema

Have you ever wonder why drinking water in the coast is so expensive? Why the former pristine lagoon and rivers of  Florida are murky? Why the  beaches are full of dead fish? Why it seems that the red tie never ends?  Simple: pesticide, fertilizer and water hoarding. By promoting the interest of the agriculture lobby in detriment of the coast of Florida the situation has become unsustainable. Something has to be done.



Permits and Local Taxes

Permits and licenses are at an all time high. Price of drinking water is insane. The property taxes in Florida has ballooned to the point of two per cent of the value. So every 50 year we pay the full value of the property. We do not own, we do lease from the counties. And for what? Emergency services demand 25% of the taxes. Pensions and Taj Majal city halls take the rest. We end up with  schools with non working hvac, derelict roads and no decent recreational.