Our Concerns

The following is a partial list of the issues that concern us. Feel free to contact us for information regarding about activities. With your donations we will make a difference.


Lagoons and Coastline

The Indian River Lagoon is dying. Our coast are green, foul smelling and full of dead fish.  The potential economic impact is serious and we have converted our coast in an unlicensed dumpster.

The Agriculture Dilema

We need to eat and we need grass and meat. But the agriculture lobby is behind high water prices, residential flooding,  reds tides, death of lagoons and the prohibition of home marijuana farming. The coastline should not be  subsidizing their industry.


Our road, bridges, schools,  grid and ports are in total sate of neglect. The priorities of the budget needs to be aligned before people start dying.

Space Exploration and Colonization

We need to start spending as much money in our survival as we are expending in our destruction.  Establish autonomous colonies on other worlds to avoid extinction.


We make the best weapons in the world, but on  other sectors the USA is not longer leading the pack. We need a tax and grant reform,  funding fast prototyping and agile low volume manufacturing so we can regain the title of the most innovative nation on earth.

Local Permits and Property Taxes

They are insane, a practical redistribution of wealth to pay for new lavish sheriff vehicles and gigantic administrative taxes.