Citizens Concerned About Things Which Concern Citizens

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We are concerned about things which concern citizens but are apparently not a concern to our political leadership.  

Please send us your unlimited donations, we can take unlimited donations. As of now we do not endorse any candidate or party.  Our goal is to bring concerning issues to light and ask why they are not concerning to those entrusted with the authority to make decisions on behalf of all citizens, whether the citizens they serve agree or not thus propelling the political discourse towards an arena where these issues are addressed. Awareness is the first step in the process of a political action committee.

Did you know that the water quality in Florida is so bad the beaches were covered with dead fish and even occasional tourists are dying from swimming here?  Its true and we are concerned.  Our government is more concerned about protecting polluters than people.  Are you concerned about this?

Did you know that during the worst water quality crisis in the states history with dead fish covering the beaches, Florida’s senator Marco Rubio stood in front of a river covered in algae as green as a freshly mowed lawn and said he didn’t see anything wrong with the water?  This observation concerns us.  Does it concern you?

Did you know that President Trump put a fast food executive in charge of protecting workers rights and an oil company executive in charge of environmental protection?  Maybe the oil company guy knows more about polluters and can police them better, but we are concerned that he is reducing the number of inspectors and making the agency as dysfunctional as possible so polluters are free to pollute.  This is a free country, but we are concerned.  Are you concerned?

Did you know that Florida medicaid provides insurance for medicaid recipients to see a dentist but there are no dentists in the state who are “in network” for this policy?  Tax money is given to CHA insurance to provide dental services for medicaid patients but no services are provided.  They just take the tax money and keep it!  We are concerned about corruption and wasteful spending of tax dollars, are you?

Did you know that under governor Rick Scott the state of Florida closed a bunch of schools because the state could not afford to keep them open, while at the same time his friends in the plant nursery business were given contracts to plant literally thousands of trees along Florida’s turnpike and interstate highways?  We are concerned that planting trees along high speed roadways presents a danger to occupants of vehicles which leave the paved surface by accident.  We are concerned that transferring this money to private individuals and businesses depletes tax funds which could have kept schools open.  Does this concern you?

Did you know that the United States supreme court ruled that corporations are people?  This make Mitt Romney and a serial killer along with his accomplices at Bane Capital.  Tens of thousands of citizens lost jobs when bane burdened the companies they work for with huge debt so they could pay themselves huge bonuses out of the borrowed money.  Does this kind of unregulated capitalism concern you?  It concerns us. 

Did you know that electronic voting machines in all 50 states were hacked during the last election? Many states have electronic voting machines that do not even make a paper record of what votes are cast, making recovery of votes after a hacking event impossible. A bill that would correct this ahead of the 2020 election was passed by the house of representatives but senate leader Mitch McConnell refused to allow it to go to a vote in the senate. Does this type of interference with the democratic process concern you? It concerns us.?

Did you know that when the war in Afghanistan began, there were leaders on both sides who bragged that this is a war that will go on for generations? They won! There are babies who were born after the war began who have grown up and are now fighting there. This greatly concerns us. Does it concern you? ?

Are you concerned about the direction our country is going? Then please donate and join us on our activities! We are Citizens Concerned About Things Which Concern Citizens 

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